How can I help prevent my child from getting cavities?

dentist Williamsburg NYCavity prevention for your child is a goal that may seem difficult. Regular visits with the dentist starting around the age of twelve months coupled with a program of daily brushing and flossing provide a great start; but there are other things to be done as well.

Your child will be blessed with two sets of teeth … primary teeth that will begin to emerge at four to six months of age; permanent teeth will eventually replace baby teeth. And even though baby teeth will eventually be lost, it is important to keep them healthy as they will be laying the groundwork for permanent teeth.

That first visit to the dentist at twelve months will be comprised primarily of an exam to make sure dental progress is on track. This is a perfect opportunity for caregivers to learn what they can do to help their child maintain great dental health.

As your child grows, teeth will become stronger; decay may seem more prevalent in children as young teeth lack the fortified strength gained during growth. So this makes the actions you can take crucial to their dental health.

Diet – A nutritious diet of fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy, and healthy grains is ideal. Limit sugary snacks and beverages to special occasions. The likelihood of developing decay and gum disease increases when a child’s diet regularly includes unhealthy snacks and beverages. The sugar and carbohydrates cling to bacteria already present on teeth hardening into plaque. When given the opportunity to grow, plaque build-up contributes to cavities and gum disease.

Education – Teach your children the value of daily brushing and flossing. Provide them with the correct tools … a soft bristle toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste. Floss comes in many varieties; provide the floss your child is more inclined to use.

Preventive care – Your dentist can provide topical fluoride treatments to strengthen your child’s dental enamel; sealants can be painted on the chewing surfaces of teeth filling in the natural pits on your child’s teeth where decay often begins.

Make sure your child sees the dentist every six months for a thorough cleaning to remove plaque that has formed since their last visit; teeth will be polished to look their best, and a dental exam will identify potential problems that can be treated before they escalate into something major.

For more information or to schedule a visit, contact our team at Eurodental Studio today.

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The Role Nutrition Plays in Maintaining Healthy Teeth

Brooklyn dentalBecause the oral bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease feed on sugar, patients should limit their consumption of sweet treats, especially chewy candies and other items that can leave a sweet, sticky residue on the teeth. Feasting on sweets can put you at risk for oral diseases that require a more involved intervention from your dentist, like a filling, crown or gum surgery.

Acid can also cause premature wear and tear on the teeth and make them more susceptible to dental problems, as well as causing tooth sensitivity. Therefore, you should also cut back on sodas, which are highly acidic and can erode your enamel. If you do drink sodas, do so through a straw to minimize the liquid’s contact with your teeth. You may need to reduce your intake of other acidic foods, such as citrus fruits or tomatoes, if you’re having trouble with tooth sensitivity or frequent cavities.

In addition to the foods and beverages that you need to restrict to avoid spending extra time with your dentist, you also need to incorporate certain foods into your diet. Fruits and vegetables contain a variety of the vitamins and minerals that you need for healthy tissues, including your teeth and gums. Foods that benefit the rest of your body, like leafy greens, are also good for your teeth.

Eating more crunchy foods has dental benefits, as well. Chewing things like carrots, celery and apples (especially ones that are more tart than sweet) stimulates saliva production, which in turn clears away harmful oral bacteria.

Would you like to learn more about how your diet affects your smile? Call our team at Eurodental Studio to ask one of our knowledgeable staff members how you can optimize your nutritional intake.

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Smile Confidently with Porcelain Veneers

cosmetic dentist Williamsburg NY

Damaged teeth can be a drag on your self-esteem. If your smile is affected by a chipped, cracked or deeply stained tooth, a cosmetic dentist can place porcelain veneers to help restore your grin and your self-confidence.

The veneers are thin tooth-shaped layers of porcelain that are bonded on top of your biological teeth. After the cosmetic dentist attaches the veneer to your tooth, the porcelain becomes quite durable – as strong as the biological tooth material underneath it. When you take good care of porcelain veneers, they can last for a decade or more.

Porcelain veneers are a versatile tool that your cosmetic dentist can use in multiple scenarios when aesthetic enhancement is desired. They can conceal defects associated with a chipped or cracked tooth and hide stains that don’t respond to teeth whitening treatments. Porcelain veneers can also improve the appearance of undersized teeth or create the illusion of proper alignment when a number of teeth are slightly crooked.

Additionally, porcelain veneers are quite lifelike in their appearance, so no one needs to know that you’re wearing a prosthetic on top of your natural tooth. Porcelain looks similar to tooth enamel, and the shade can be tailored so that the veneer will match the rest of your smile.

This treatment option also offers dramatic results in a pretty brief treatment timeline. At the initial appointment, the data needed to shape the design of the veneers will be collected and the teeth may be prepped for veneer placement by removing a thin layer of enamel. When the veneers are ready a few weeks later, you will return to the office to have them bonded to your teeth. Your dentist can make any desired last-minute adjustment prior to attaching the veneers to the teeth.

Want to enhance your smile’s appearance and cover up its flaws? Look into porcelain veneers as a possible cosmetic solution. Our office staff will be happy to schedule a no-obligation consultation for you, so call us today.


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Will my whitened teeth retain their new color?

cosmetic dentist RidgewoodTeeth whitening is a non invasive dental procedure that can enhance your appearance providing a smile makeover that is economical and very effective. A consultation with your cosmetic dentist will provide you with all the information needed to decide if teeth whitening is the right treatment for you.

There are several things to keep in mind when considering teeth whitening. If you anticipate any additional cosmetic dental work like veneers or crowns, teeth whitening should be completed first. This will allow your cosmetic dentist to match your porcelain restoration(s) to your newly lightened teeth shade.

If you want to maximize your teeth whitening experience, there are certain foods and beverages that are known to contribute to teeth discoloration that you can limit or avoid:

Red wine, coffee, tea, colas … these beverages can stain your dentition. You can help prevent that by sipping cold drinks through a straw. This allows much of the beverage to bypass your teeth. Plan to brush or rinse teeth thoroughly following consumption.

Foods like berries, tomato based sauces, dark sauces like soy, and foods that contain bright food colors (like grape popsicles, for instance) … these and many other foods can discolor your teeth. Brushing following your meal is recommended.

Lifestyle habits like smoking and tobacco use are very damaging to your teeth in more ways than just dental stain. Individuals that use tobacco are much more likely to develop gum disease and be faced with tooth loss; oral cancer is more likely with tobacco users.

Consider where you acquire your teeth whitening products. You may find your local drugstore or market has teeth whitening products available for less than what your dentist offers. But all teeth whitening is not the same. Products purchased locally or online could very well be a waste of your time and money.

Your cosmetic dentist is a licensed professional so you are obtaining completely tested and safe products with a proven track record. Additionally, your dentist is able to address any questions or concerns you may have before, during, or after you have undergone teeth whitening.

Once you have achieved your desired level of whitening, you can maintain it by brushing every day with a toothpaste recommended by your dentist. Teeth whitening touch-up kits are available, if needed, to help maintain your newly brightened smile.

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4 Things You Need to Know About Your Dental Checkups

Brooklyn dentistGoing to the dentist may not be on your list of favorite things to do, but it is important for you and your family to keep regular dental checkups in your schedule for several reasons:

  1. Catch potential problems early … your dentist is doing more than just cleaning your teeth. You are being checked for things like oral cancer, dental decay, gum disease, bite problems and issues associated with teeth grinding like a hairline fracture in a tooth or jaw discomfort. Diagnosing and treating a condition before it has a chance to escalate into a major problem may save you time and money.
  2. Dental health and your overall health are connected … research has proven that certain health issues like heart disease and illnesses associated with the immune system like diabetes and arthritis can impact your dental health. Regular dental checkups will help you maintain optimum dental health, which is important to overall health and quality of life.
  3. Plaque builds on your teeth and you need to have it removed … everyone has some degree of bacteria in their mouth. Additional bacteria from the foods we eat and beverages we drink contribute to plaque building up on teeth. Even though you may brush and floss daily, that is generally not enough to keep dental plaque from forming. Your dental provider removes plaque with each dental visit. It is dental plaque buildup that leads to tooth decay and/or gum disease.
  4. Regular dental checkups should begin around the age of twelve months … many caregivers believe if they get their child to the dentist before they start school, that is early enough. Or some may wait for a dental problem to occur … a traumatic first experience with the dentist will make subsequent visits difficult for everyone.

Don’t smoke or use tobacco in any form; eat a well-balanced diet; drink lots of water; get sufficient daily rest and exercise; follow a daily oral health regimen of brushing at least twice every day with a fluoridated toothpaste and floss to get what your toothbrush missed.

It’s also important to see your dentist every six months. You will be rewarded with great dental health and a beautiful smile. If it’s time to schedule your next visit, contact our team at Eurodental Studio today.

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Ward Off Gum Disease with These Tips

family dentist Williamsburg NYGum disease often gets its start due to negligence, inadequate or incorrect teeth brushing, absence of daily flossing and skipping regular six month appointments with the family dentist. Any or all of these things can lead to the onset of gum disease. To allow you and your family members the best chance of warding off gum disease, follow these basic suggestions.

Teeth brushing seems pretty obvious, but you need to use the correct tools and brush properly. Use a soft bristle toothbrush, fluoridated toothpaste or gel, and brush the recommended two minutes at least twice every day (morning and night). You do not need to use excessive pressure or scrub teeth to minimize plaque build-up … in fact, this can actually create more problems like worn dental enamel and premature gum recession.

Dental floss comes in a variety of types: waxed, flavored, floss picks, and plain. Whichever type works best for you, just make sure you floss at least once every day. Flossing will remove food debris missed by your toothbrush and massage your gum tissue to increase stimulation and improve gum health. Plaque build-up will be minimized with daily flossing (plaque build-up is a leading cause of dental decay and gum disease).

Watch what you eat and drink. Sugary treats and beverages should be limited to special occasions. Drink plenty of water (infuse with fruit if you like a flavored beverage), avoid soda (even diet soda can be damaging to teeth), and enjoy natural foods like fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Do not use tobacco in any form. Tobacco use is a leading cause for patients who suffer with gum disease.

Take care of your overall health. Research has discovered a direct correlation between dental health and overall health. Get adequate sleep, avoid stress as much as possible, and exercise.

Finally, make sure you see your family dentist every six months. At every appointment, plaque will be removed and your teeth will be polished to look their best. Allow dental x-rays to be taken as recommended. In addition to dental decay, your dentist is looking for bone deterioration or any other problems that could indicate the onset of a serious dental problem.

Healthy teeth and gums allow you to eat the foods you love and smile with self-confidence. Do whatever you can to keep them that way. Our office is ready to help, so contact us at Eurodental Studio today.

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Should I whiten my teeth before or after cosmetic dental procedures?

cosmetic dentist Williamsburg NYTeeth whitening is a conservative method that can provide a tremendous improvement in your appearance. If you require or are considering any cosmetic dental work in the future, consult with your cosmetic dentist to make sure procedures are completed in the correct order.

That means teeth whitening needs to come first. The reason is simple … you want any cosmetic work to match your newly whitened shade. Any porcelain enhancements or prostheses can be made to match your teeth shade so you want to make sure you already have your desired teeth color in place.

That is one of the beautiful aspects of today’s cosmetic enhancements. Porcelain allows your  dentist to design and fabricate your new smile matching neighboring dentition in size, shape, and shade, but if you should want a lighter, brighter teeth color than what you already have, it is important to whiten first.

Porcelain is naturally stain resistant, but that also means it does not respond to any teeth whitening products. If you should have cosmetic work done first, you may be very disappointed in the result as your natural teeth will be lightened but previously performed cosmetic enhancements will remain the same.

Working with your cosmetic dentist will also mean you will receive the ideal teeth whitening product for your needs. Your dentist is a licensed dental professional, so you will not have to worry about the whitening product you receive. It will have been tested for safety and effectiveness.

If you buy teeth whitening products at the drugstore or online, you do not have anyone available to answer any questions or address concerns you may have. Things like side effects, sensitivity, or anticipated results may be on your mind, but you will have to rely on your own better judgment for answers; or you can read generic recommendations or responses on the web that may or may not be verifiable.

Once teeth whitening has been completed and your cosmetic work is in place, you will enjoy a bright new smile. Just remember, you will want to adhere to the recommendations given to keep your natural teeth the same shade as your porcelain enhancements. Your cosmetic dentist will work with you to keep your smile looking great!

Contact our office to discuss your treatment today!

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How often should I replace my toothbrush?

Brooklyn dentalTaking good care of your oral health requires a myriad of things: brushing twice daily with a fluoridated toothpaste, flossing daily to remove what your toothbrush missed, and visiting your dentist every six months for cleaning, polishing, and dental exam.

Using the correct tools makes any job easier. Since you brush your teeth at least twice every day the right toothbrush for you is important.

One of the best investments you can make to help maintain great dental health is to acquire an electronic toothbrush. The brush bristles do all the work – all you have to do is guide the brush head around to reach all areas of your mouth.

We are told that effective and correct teeth brushing involves brushing for two minutes every time … an electronic toothbrush usually has some type of timer that will let you know when you have reached that two minute mark.

Also, you do not need to use excessive force when brushing to keep plaque under control. A heavy hand can actually do more harm so the even action with minimal pressure is another advantage when using an electronic toothbrush.

A general guideline for replacing your toothbrush is at three months; but since brushing habits can vary, you should inspect your toothbrush and replace it sooner if needed. If bristles are allowed to weaken, you will not receive the proper cleaning.

Worn bristles may not be the only reason to replace your toothbrush … if you have brushed your teeth during illness, you either need to disinfect or replace.

Important facts to know to care and protect your toothbrush … never store your brush in an enclosed case when wet – this allows bacteria to grow. Allow your brush to be exposed to air to dry out between uses.

Family members need to keep their toothbrushes separate never allowing them to touch. This is critically important especially if a family member suffers from periodontal disease.

Another important fact that often goes unnoticed … most people keep their toothbrush sitting on a bathroom cabinet. But did you know that every time the toilet is flushed, minute particles are thrown into the air with every flush. You should keep your exposed toothbrush as far away from the toilet as possible.

Brush twice daily with a fluoridated toothpaste and replace your brush every three months or sooner if needed. For tips on dental health, call our office today!


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How are crowns, veneers and bonding used in cosmetic dentistry?

cosmetic dentist Williamsburg NYYour cosmetic dentist has many tools available to enhance your smile while improving your overall dentition allowing you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence, function, and comfort.

A chipped tooth can ruin your smile. A tooth colored composite resin is a plastic based material that your dentist can fashion to repair that enamel chip that will be virtually impossible to detect. Dental bonding can be perfectly matched to your tooth shade, and your cosmetic dentist has spent countless hours learning all the creative techniques that will result in a natural and beautiful dental repair.

Deep dental stain can occur that does not respond to hygienic cleaning or teeth whitening.

When spots or streaking make you conscientious about your smile, your dentist can blend away stain with bonding. Gum recession can benefit from dental bonding as well as the part of the tooth normally covered by gum tissue that has worn away can be covered making the tooth appear whole again.

Some cosmetic dental issues are complex and require more extensive correction. One of the least invasive procedures is completed with veneers. Uneven, chipped, or poorly spaced dentition can be treated with these thin, tooth colored shells. Teeth requiring repair are prepared, models are cast, and veneers are fabricated by the dental lab.

Your cosmetic dentist will try in the veneers. When fit and appearance are perfect, veneers will be permanently cemented in place. Veneers are an appropriate solution for one or multiple teeth.

Dental crowns are used in many dental applications. Broken teeth or teeth ravaged with dental decay can be saved; crowns are appropriate as anchors for fixed prostheses; as the final restoration for dental implants; and to seal a tooth that has undergone endodontic therapy.

Many dental repairs are completed using porcelain. It is important to note that porcelain is naturally stain resistant, but will not respond to any kind of teeth whitening. Patients considering lightening their teeth shade should do so before undergoing cosmetic repairs so that your dentist can match your porcelain repair to your newly whitened tooth shade.

Caring for veneers, bonding, or crowns does not require anything special … brush and floss every day and visit your dentist every six months for a cleaning and dental exam. You will enjoy your new smile with minimal effort for many years.

Contact our team at Eurodental Studio today!

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Baby Bottles and Tooth Decay

family dentist Williamsburg NYWhen your baby comes into the world you will do everything possible to protect your child from harm. Most parents would not equate the beverages in your child’s bottle as harmful, but consider this – would you want to have to take your toddler to your family dentist because their baby teeth are suffering from dental decay?

Of course, that is the last thing you would want to put your child through. But you need to know there is potential for this experience to occur if you are putting your child down for a nap or the night with a baby bottle that contains anything but water.

Milk, formula, and juice often contain sugar. If your baby should fall asleep with any amount of the beverage in their mouth, you could be exposing their baby teeth to the very things that lead to plaque buildup (a leading cause of cavity formation).

Plaque can build on teeth at any age. If a caregiver believes that since baby teeth are going to fall out eventually, their care isn’t that important, well that is just not the case. Even though baby teeth will eventually be replaced with permanent teeth, this first set of teeth must pave the way for the next set of teeth, so you want them to be healthy and remain in place until they are ready to come out.

A cavity occurs when the protective enamel is breached allowing the nerve of the tooth to be exposed. No matter when and to whom this occurs, the discomfort from dental decay is awful. No parent wants to see their child experience this pain, let alone what is required to repair the cavity.

Caring for your child’s teeth involves wiping them clean with a soft cloth until your child is old enough to sit up and allow you to gently brush their teeth with an age appropriate brush and toothpaste. Your child’s first visit with the family dentist should occur at twelve months.  

During this first visit your child will receive a dental exam without the pressure of being in pain, and subsequent visits will be easier when that first visit is stress-free. Your family dentist is available to answer questions and teach you the best ways to care for your child’s teeth. Call our caring team today!


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