Sugary Drinks and Dental Health

dentist in Williamsburg NY When it comes to our dental health, sugar is certainly not our friend. Every time we consume sugar, the bacteria in our mouths activate and spin into a feeding frenzy. This is because sugar is the natural food source of bacteria. When bacteria detect the presence of sugar, they will feed on food/drink particles, colonize, and release acid as a by-product. Unfortunately, sugar seems to be everywhere – especially in some of the most popular drinks consumed today. Since sugar consumption increases the risk for developing tooth decay, it is imperative that people visit the dentist twice a year for checkups and cleanings.

Oral Bacteria

Our mouths are the perfect environment for bacteria to flourish. Since our mouths are a hospitable environment for bacteria, consuming too much sugar could lead to an overgrowth of bacteria – including the cavity-causing kind. Controlling sugar intake controls bacteria.

Common Drinks to Avoid

Drinks that contain high amounts of sugar might surprise you. While the usual culprits like soda are important to avoid, there are some beverages that might seem like healthy choices but in reality contain far too much sugar:

  • Juice drinks/fruit punch
  • Energy beverages
  • Sports Drinks
  • Sweetened Coffee and Tea
  • Cocktails
  • Beer and Wine
  • Smoothies and Milkshakes

Fortunately, cutting down on sugar is easy when you have alternatives. Oral health-friendly drinks include water, plain sparkling water, milk, almond/soy milk, and unsweetened tea or coffee. The best thing a person can drink, however, is water. Not only is water necessary to maintain healthy hydration, it does wonders for oral health. First, water helps keep the mouth moist. Soft oral tissues need to stay moist. Water also helps dilute harmful compounds like acid and sugar. This is why it’s a good idea to have a glass of plain water with every meal. Water can serve a similar function that saliva does by rinsing away food.

Our practice recommends drinking water throughout the day for maximum oral health benefits. A minimum of 64-ounces is encouraged by the American Dental Association. Our office is currently accepting new patients. If it is time for a checkup or cleaning, give us a call so that we can book your appointment.

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What happens when you don’t floss?

Brooklyn dentalHave you been forgetting to floss? Do you wonder what effect flossing has on your dental health? Your oral hygiene routine is your daily shield against the development of harmful substances like plaque and tartar, both of which can contribute to periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Flossing is an essential element of any proper oral hygiene routine. When you forego flossing, bacteria -and eventually plaque – will form along teeth and the gum line. If plaque is not removed within a day or two, it will harden into tartar after exposure to calculus. Once tartar develops, it can only be removed by a dental professional. Flossing and brushing alone cannot break apart tartar deposits.

The Problem with Tartar Buildup

Tartar is especially dangerous to your oral health. This substance is incredibly hard and full of harmful bacteria. Once tartar accumulates at the gum line, patients are at a higher risk for developing gum disease. Tartar is full of irritants and as it builds up on the gums, the gingiva will pull away (recede) from teeth as a protective response. Unfortunately, gum recession exposes more tooth structure to debris and bacteria. It also creates additional space for tartar to collect.

As this cycle continues, the gums will become more inflamed and irritated. This compromised state of the gingiva leaves the gums vulnerable to developing an infection.

The Right Way to Floss

Some folks simply have trouble with oral hygiene because it’s a matter of education and practice. Since our office is committed to helping our patents enjoy optimal oral health, we are happy to provide oral hygiene education and product recommendations.

When it comes to flossing, the first step is to purchase floss with the American Dental Association’s seal of approval. You should floss every day, once per day. Flossing is best done slowly and carefully so that you don’t accidentally cut into your gums. Thread a new section of floss between each tooth and continue until you have flossed around all your teeth. If you notice blood, continue flossing gently and alert your dentist if the bleeding does not improve.

If it’s time to schedule your next dental exam and cleaning, call our team at Eurodental Studio today to reserve an appointment.

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Why Oral Health Symptoms Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Brooklyn dentistMany problems with our teeth, gums, jaw, and mouth have symptoms that, if caught early, can save money and many hours of treatment. Regular dental visits provide one way to spot and treat things like decay, gum disease, teeth grinding … the list goes on. But if you should experience a dental problem between visits, it is important to see your dentist as soon as possible. Some of the symptoms you should never ignore include:

Pain – Sometimes discomfort can be due to something innocuous like a seed caught between your teeth. Flossing and flushing might resolve this type of minor discomfort, but if that does not provide relief or pain worsens, you need to see your dentist right away.

Sores that never seem to heal – Many patients suffer from canker sores, but if you develop a lesion that won’t heal, your dentist should be seen to examine and diagnose your condition, especially if you smoke or use tobacco. Oral cancer is treatable if caught early.

Bleeding gums – If your gums bleed only when you brush, you need to consider the tools and the amount of pressure you are using, and how you brush. You do not need to scrub your teeth; you should use small circular motions focusing on a few teeth at a time. A soft bristle tooth brush is sufficient.

If gums are red or swollen, or if gums bleed without provocation, you may be dealing with the onset of gingivitis. Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease. Left untreated, it can escalate to the more serious periodontitis … tooth loss is a possibility.

Chronic bad breath – Many foods and beverages can lead to a case of halitosis. Brushing, rinsing, or a breath mint should suffice. But when bad breath is an ongoing problem, you could have developed an infection and treatment is required.

Sensitivity – If you get a zinging sensation when teeth are exposed to temperature or certain foods, you may have a cracked tooth. Root canal therapy may be needed. But sensitivity can be due to other problems as well, such as gum recession.

Be diligent and proactive when it comes to your oral health; see your dentist regularly and follow the advice given to maintain healthy teeth and gums. If it’s time to schedule your next dental exam and cleaning, contact our team at Eurodental Studio today.

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Plaque Control and Orthodontic Treatment

orthodontics GreenpointIt is very important to limit dental plaque as much as possible by brushing and flossing every day; but for patients wearing braces this may be a more difficult task. Orthodontics are implemented to straighten teeth; for many patients this could take years allowing harmful plaque to form. Plaque buildup can lead to dental decay and/or gum disease so controlling it as much as possible is crucial for good dental health.

What you eat and drink play a big role in your oral health. While wearing braces, there are some foods that can support good dental health but are more difficult to consume … many fruits and vegetables must be cut into small pieces as biting directly into them could damage orthodontic appliances. They are still good for you, but take the time to prepare them properly. Other healthy snacks like nuts or popcorn are ill advised as they can damage braces.

Be mindful about what you drink as well. Sodas and flavored drinks contain a lot of sugar which can increase dental plaque. If you should occasionally enjoy one of these beverages, use a straw to allow beverage to bypass teeth as much as possible. Water is a much better choice (sugar free flavorings or infuse with fruit for variety).

Caring for your teeth by brushing and flossing every day takes time and commitment. Your dentist will demonstrate the best way to brush and floss … the right tools will make this daily task easier and more efficient.

Consider an electronic toothbrush with soft bristles; there are flossing products designed specifically for orthodontics patients that facilitate flossing around braces.

Start by removing anything temporary like elastics. Pay attention to each individual tooth … thoroughly clean them one by one. Brush front and back making sure to brush around the gum line. Ideally you should brush following every meal, but minimally twice every day.

Use a fluoridated toothpaste. Fluoride strengthens dental enamel making teeth more resistant to decay. If your dentist recommends a fluoride rinse, use as directed.

Eventually those braces will be removed to reveal straightened teeth and a beautiful smile; in addition to brushing and flossing every day, make sure you keep your six month dental appointments.

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Break These Bad Brushing Habits

dentist in Williamsburg NYYour dentist advises you should brush twice every day; but you can be making mistakes brushing your teeth that can do harm to your dentition.

Not brushing long enough: You should brush for two minutes at least twice every day. While two minutes doesn’t seem long, set a timer … you might be surprised.

Missed areas: Brushing can become so automatic that attention to detail may be lost. Make sure you are reaching all areas of your mouth including teeth, gum tissue, and tongue.

Poor technique: Many people brush their teeth using a side to side motion. This can wear enamel prematurely and damage gum tissue. You should be brushing in a circular motion focusing on a few teeth at a time, then move on.

Too much pressure: You do not need to scrub your teeth … minimal pressure using a soft bristle toothbrush is sufficient to help control plaque buildup and dental stain.

Wrong tools: Use a fluoridated toothpaste and soft bristle toothbrush. An electronic toothbrush is ideal as its timer will alert when you’ve brushed for two minutes; you merely have to guide the brush letting it do most of the work.

Not flossing: Your toothbrush will reach a lot of food debris, but flossing is needed to reach between teeth to remove what your toothbrush missed. Flossing is great for stimulating gum tissue.

Not rinsing: Rinse away toothpaste thoroughly; other times you might consider rinsing are when you eat or drink foods/beverages known to stain … rinse as soon as possible following consumption.

Keep the same toothbrush too long: The life of your toothbrush is maxed out after about three months (if you are brushing correctly). Make it a goal to change your toothbrush often for maximum brushing results.

Toothbrush storage: Following use you should store your toothbrush by standing it upright in an open container or one that allows air to access the brush. Don’t let your brush mingle with another; and watch where it is stored. Be aware that every time the toilet is flushed, water particles are released into the air. Keep your brush as far away as possible from the commode.

Your teeth are designed to function and look great for your lifetime. Besides brushing and flossing correctly, using the best technique and tools, visit your dentist every six months for cleaning and dental exam.

Contact us at Eurodental Studio to schedule an appointment!

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Follow These Tips to Maintain Your Cosmetic Dental Work

cosmetic dentist BrooklynCosmetic dentistry is readily available for just about everyone. A consultation with your cosmetic dentist will show you how easy and economical it can be to get the smile makeover you deserve.

Dental stain from medication, food choices, tobacco use, or neglect might be corrected with teeth whitening. Your dentist can provide you with the teeth whitening option that is best suited for you. And if you acquire teeth whitening from a licensed dental provider, you receive a safe and powerful program that you cannot purchase online or at your local store.

In addition, you also have someone to contact with questions or concerns before, during, and after you whiten your teeth. You will receive instructions on the best ways to maximize your brightened smile. Know what foods and beverages stain your teeth; try to limit or avoid them. With cold beverages like cola, tea and wine you can use a straw to allow most of the beverage to bypass your teeth. Plan to rinse as soon as possible following consumption.

If you smoke or use tobacco, you are increasing the odds of stain recurring; and you are also risking serious conditions like gum disease, decaying teeth, and oral cancer.

Dental bonding is great for blending away stain, correcting chipped enamel, or treating gum recession. Bonding is done with a tooth colored resin that your cosmetic dentist can perfectly match to your tooth shade making this repair virtually undetectable. Brushing and flossing daily is all you need to maintain dental bonding.

Veneers are tooth colored shells that are cemented to the front of teeth requiring repair. Veneers are permanent and can be applied to one or several teeth. Veneers can make uneven dentition appear straight and symmetrical, gaps between teeth disappear, and chipped or broken teeth look whole again.

Lumineers is a treatment option that will do all the repairs regular veneers can do, but their application is reversible. Lumineers are also thin, tooth colored shells, but do not require the removal of dental enamel prior to cementing in place.

All of these cosmetic options are readily available and easily maintained. Your cosmetic dentist will give you specific details based on the repairs you choose, but daily brushing and flossing coupled with regular six month dental appointments should suffice for the care of these cosmetic options.

Contact our office today to get more tips!


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Professional Teeth Whitening For the Toughest Stains

cosmetic dentist BrooklynWhen you smile or speak, your teeth are on display … dental stain can ruin a great smile. Your cosmetic dentist can provide teeth whitening that is effective and economical, and has many advantages over products obtained online or at your local store. And since it is being dispensed through a dental professional, you know it has been thoroughly tested for safety.

A consultation with your cosmetic dentist will lead you to acquiring the product that is right for you. Your dentist will be available to address any questions or concerns you may have throughout the duration of your whitening treatment. That is not the case with products purchased anywhere else.

Over the counter teeth whitening products are available in many forms … pastes, gels, rinses, strips, one size fits all trays … the variety seems endless. But your investment should be made where you know what you are using and the results you can expect. While you may feel you are saving money by using one of these products, the end result may be very disappointing.

Safety should be a primary concern … with many teeth whitening products you have no idea where they were manufactured and what type of products were used. When you acquire teeth whitening from your dental professional, you are assured that you are using the highest grade and safest product available.

And since it is being dispensed by a licensed dental provider, you are receiving a whitening product that contains powerful whitening agents to deliver a better result.

When using a teeth whitening system at home, it is important that the trays fit properly to get the best result. Your dentist will fabricate the trays to meet your specific needs, and you can expect them to continue to fit properly with each use.

Once you have completed your whitening treatment, there are certain foods that you might want to avoid that are known to stain teeth … coffee, tea, red wine, and colas are beverages you may want to limit or use a straw so the liquid can bypass your teeth.

Many fruits and dark colored sauces can stain your teeth … you should try to rinse or brush as soon as possible after consuming.

Daily brushing and flossing coupled with regular visits with your dentist should keep your new smile looking great. To learn more about your teeth whitening options, contact our team at Eurodental Studio today to schedule an appointment.

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Is chewing ice really bad for your teeth?

dentist BrooklynYour teeth are very strong, but they are not invincible. They can be cracked or broken due to trauma; but biting down on something hard can also do considerable damage. If you should crack a tooth, a visit to the dentist is important for the proper care.

You may not realize you are weakening your teeth as you munch through ice cubes. For some, chewing on ice is habitual; some use ice as a deterrent to eating food for weight loss; and for some chewing on ice cubes just feels good especially when it is hot outside.

Chewing sugar free gum is a substitute that is much safer than chewing ice which has the potential for: 

Broken teeth – The enamel on your teeth is very strong, but it can be damaged or weakened by regularly biting down on very hard substances. Just as you try to avoid biting into fruit pits or unpopped popcorn kernels because they’re hard enough to break your teeth … ice has that same capability. 

Gum injury – Ice can have sharp edges that can cut into gum tissue; regular ice chewing can result in gum recession.

Sensitivity – Your teeth are made up of the dentin (interior) and enamel (exterior). Once the enamel is breached and the dentin is exposed, you can experience that zinging sensation when your teeth feel hot, cold, sweet, or sour.

Teeth repairs – Once a tooth has been repaired due to decay, that tooth is already weakened. If you chew ice, teeth with restorations are more susceptible to further damage. 

One of the possible consequences of a broken or cracked tooth is infection. Bacteria live in the mouth; if a tooth becomes infected, a root canal may be needed to save the tooth. The access point needed with endodontic therapy needs to be sealed, so a dental crown may be necessary.  

Your dentist will educate you on the dangers of chewing ice … if you need to chew on something crunchy, think about carrots, celery, or an apple. Fresh fruits and vegetables are nutritious and are much less likely to damage your dentition.

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Why Dental Implants are the Ideal Tooth Replacement Solution

dental implants GreenpointTooth loss is never a pleasant experience … whether it is due to trauma, decay, or disease the loss of one or more teeth can mean many changes in day to day living. If you wish to restore your ability to eat, speak, and smile like you did before tooth loss occurred, dental implants are perhaps the ideal solution for you.

A consultation with your dentist will reveal if you are a candidate for dental implants. A discussion about your overall health will be coupled with a dental exam. Dental x-rays will be needed to determine bone strength, a necessary component for a successful implant procedure.

Lack of sufficient bone strength does not eliminate you from receiving a dental implant. Procedures are available that can boost bone if needed.

When ready for the implant to be placed, the dentist will surgically embed the titanium post in gum tissue where tooth loss has occurred. Titanium is used most often for its ability to prevent rejection; and bone grafts to titanium (a process called osseointegration) allowing the implant to become a permanent part of the dental anatomy.

The patient will be advised how to keep the implant area clean during the healing period to prevent infection, a leading cause of implant failure. Tobacco use is discouraged as this is another leading cause of implant failure.

Once healing has completed, an abutment is attached to the implant. A restoration has been created to match surrounding teeth in shape, size and color … your dentist will try it in to make sure it fits well. The restoration will be cemented to the abutment completing your implant procedure.

Once the implant process is complete, you will be able to eat all the foods you love; smile and laugh with confidence; and speak without fear of an embarrassing slip of your dentition.

Caring for dental implants is easy … brush twice every day with a fluoridated toothpaste; floss every day to remove what your toothbrush missed; and see your dentist every six months for a dental cleaning and exam.

In many cases, dental implants can last a lifetime giving you years of outstanding function and beautiful aesthetics – an ideal solution for tooth loss. Call Eurodental Studio today to learn more about your tooth replacement options.

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How can I help prevent my child from getting cavities?

dentist Williamsburg NYCavity prevention for your child is a goal that may seem difficult. Regular visits with the dentist starting around the age of twelve months coupled with a program of daily brushing and flossing provide a great start; but there are other things to be done as well.

Your child will be blessed with two sets of teeth … primary teeth that will begin to emerge at four to six months of age; permanent teeth will eventually replace baby teeth. And even though baby teeth will eventually be lost, it is important to keep them healthy as they will be laying the groundwork for permanent teeth.

That first visit to the dentist at twelve months will be comprised primarily of an exam to make sure dental progress is on track. This is a perfect opportunity for caregivers to learn what they can do to help their child maintain great dental health.

As your child grows, teeth will become stronger; decay may seem more prevalent in children as young teeth lack the fortified strength gained during growth. So this makes the actions you can take crucial to their dental health.

Diet – A nutritious diet of fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy, and healthy grains is ideal. Limit sugary snacks and beverages to special occasions. The likelihood of developing decay and gum disease increases when a child’s diet regularly includes unhealthy snacks and beverages. The sugar and carbohydrates cling to bacteria already present on teeth hardening into plaque. When given the opportunity to grow, plaque build-up contributes to cavities and gum disease.

Education – Teach your children the value of daily brushing and flossing. Provide them with the correct tools … a soft bristle toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste. Floss comes in many varieties; provide the floss your child is more inclined to use.

Preventive care – Your dentist can provide topical fluoride treatments to strengthen your child’s dental enamel; sealants can be painted on the chewing surfaces of teeth filling in the natural pits on your child’s teeth where decay often begins.

Make sure your child sees the dentist every six months for a thorough cleaning to remove plaque that has formed since their last visit; teeth will be polished to look their best, and a dental exam will identify potential problems that can be treated before they escalate into something major.

For more information or to schedule a visit, contact our team at Eurodental Studio today.

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