Dentist in Greenpoint & Ridgewood, NY

Be honest. When was the last time you had a dental checkup? Is it six months? A little more than six months? A lot more than six months? No worries. At Eurodental Studio, our dentists and team are not here to judge, just to help. Even if you are overdue for your dental cleaning and exam in Brooklyn or Ridgewood, New York, or in Greenpoint, Williamsburg or Long Island City, call our office and let us help you plan your visit.

It may be easier to remember to go to the dentist when you are experiencing dental pain or trauma with your smile, but preventive care is just as important in keeping you healthy and pain-free. Our dentists and team are happy to help your smile with routine dental cleanings and exams.

During your regularly scheduled appointments with us, our hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth to remove any plaque and tartar, which could lead to health issues like dental decay and gum disease. Then, we will thoroughly floss and polish your teeth for a clean and sparkling smile. Next, our dentists will come in to examine your oral cavity and check any areas of concern. If an oral health issue is found, our dentists will plan a treatment plan with you, discussing ways to improve your home care routine and planning any necessary future appointments. While it may not always be enjoyable to receive further treatments, catching these issues early with routine dental exams can lead to easier and less expensive treatments while keeping your oral health in its optimal condition.

Do not hesitate to schedule your dental cleaning and exam in Brooklyn, New York, for a cleaner, healthier and happier smile. Call our office today to plan your next visit.

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