Dental Implants, Dental Crowns, & More

Life is tough without teeth. Take our word for it. Missing, damaged or decayed teeth can be embarrassing to say the least. They can also keep you from enjoying your favorite foods, and let’s face it, soup is great, but you wouldn’t want to eat it every day. Spaces in your smile will also give your remaining teeth room to move. Then, we’re talking orthodontics. Damaged teeth could mean a root canal or extraction in your future. Stop compensating for an incomplete smile and call Eurodental Studio today! Our dentists and team have options for restorative dentistry in Brooklyn or Ridgewood, New York, and in Greenpoint, Williamsburg or Long Island City.

dental crowns
Think of a dental crown as the Swiss Army knife of dental work. A crown can do all sorts of great things for your smile, and our doctors will be happy to tell you more.

dental fillings
You can ignore that cavity if you want, but it isn’t going to do anything but get worse. Instead of just hoping for the best, call our team for an appointment for a filling.

dental implants
You want a tooth? We can handle the tooth! In fact, we can replace an entire tooth with a dental implant.

dental inlays and onlays
Not sure how to fix your smile? We can fix all kinds of tooth damage, and a dental inlay or onlay may be the perfect fit for you.

What do Ben Affleck, Emma Watson and Janice Dickinson all have in common? They either wear or used to wear dentures. See our team for your Hollywood smile!

When it comes to restoring your smile, you have more options than you probably think — if the list above is any indication. But where do you start? And what will ultimately be best for your smile? We’re here to help you with those questions.

When you come in for a consultation for restorative dentistry, our dentists will discuss your needs and goals for your smile. We’ll make suggestions about what would work best to help you achieve those, but the decision will ultimately be yours! We never want to force you into any specific treatment. Once you are ready, we will create a treatment plan just for you and then get started on your new smile.

If you have any questions about your options for restorative dentistry, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We love hearing from you and helping you understand all of your options for treatment. Call our office today!

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