Could Your Toothache be Something More Serious?

Brooklyn dentistToothache pain should never be ignored and the cause of the toothache may be difficult to determine without the help of a dentist. If the toothache is only experienced when consuming hot or cold beverages and foods, it is likely to stem from sensitivity which can be improved with special toothpastes that help strengthen enamel and shield teeth.

Other causes of toothaches, however, may require a trip to the dentist’s office for treatment. Prepare to discuss the length of time the tooth has been causing problems, the type of discomfort or pain experienced, and anything that may have started or contributed to the toothache. 

Impact, damage, or injury to the tooth can lead to discomfort that worsens over time if left untreated.

Impact, damage, or injury to the tooth can lead to discomfort that worsens over time if left untreated. While acute cases typically involve some type of injury or accident, chronic cases may stem from underlying behavioral problems such as bruxism or grinding the teeth. As teeth wear down from grinding or clenching, they can develop sensitive or weakened areas that are more susceptible to painful sensations when eating and drinking. Injury may have cracked a tooth, exposing inner parts that are more sensitive. The dentist will assess the tooth and propose treatment options to improve the conditions as quickly as possible.

Untreated dental caries, also known as cavities, can lead to chronic toothaches. Although rare, in some patients the decay may continue underneath a filling after the cavity has been treated, resulting in a toothache that develops later and remains constant. Depending on the tooth and the depth of the cavity, a new filling may solve the problem, or more extensive treatment may be necessary such as a root canal. Teeth, particularly molars, with large fillings may develop aching if the filling is deep, increasing pressure on the inner parts of the tooth. Replacing a silver-colored filling with a tooth-colored filling or adding a dental crown can often resolve the aching while preserving the tooth.

In very rare cases, a toothache can present as a symptom of a more serious condition afflicting the patient. If a dental problem cannot be detected, the patient may be referred to a specialist in a dentistry or medical field to assess the problem and offer treatment options.

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