Smoking and Your Dental Health

dentist in Williamsburg NYYou are probably aware that smoking cigarettes and cigars is bad for your general wellbeing. Medical research has proven that smoking increases a patient’s risk for all types of cancer as well as cardiovascular disease. In addition to these health risks, smoking puts your oral health in danger, too. Our dentist explains:

How Smoking Harms Your Teeth and Gums

The chemicals released in smoke irritate soft tissues in the mouth—especially the gums. Over time, smoking will not only stain your teeth permanently, it will inflame the gums and ultimately cause them to pull away from the teeth. Gum recession, caused by irritation and inflammation, can leave too much of the tooth, including its roots, exposed. This is why many patients who smoke are at a higher risk for developing gum disease. Advanced gum disease is the primary cause of adult-aged tooth loss. Gum disease requires professional treatment and deep cleaning to stop its progression. When gum disease is not managed by trained professionals, it will wreck your oral health. Capable of destroying teeth and gums, this condition can affect bone health, too.

Smokers Possess a Higher Risk for Oral Cancer

As with other types of cancer, oral cancer can be fatal. The same carcinogens and chemicals in cigarettes that cause other types of cancer cause oral cancer, too. Oral cancers can develop anywhere in the mouth but are particularly common on soft tissues such as the roof of the mouth, the insides of cheeks and lips, and the tongue. If detected in its early stages and properly treated, patients have a much better prognosis. If you smoke, let our team know so that we can perform more thorough oral cancer screenings during annual checkups.

Our dentist strongly encourages patients to quit smoking. At our practice, we offer tobacco cessation information and tips along with providing quality preventive and restorative dentistry services.

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