How Regular Dental Visits Can Save You Money

dentist in RidgewoodWhen you go to the dentist every six months, two big things occur. A dental professional will clean your teeth removing plaque built up from your last visit. And your dentist will examine your teeth and gums to make sure you are maintaining excellent dental health.

You’re thinking that each dental visit is not free so how is going to the dentist twice per year saving you money?

  1. Plaque build-up is inevitable. You brush and floss as recommended; however, you will still form plaque on your teeth especially around the gum line. Plaque is a major contributor to dental decay and gum disease. A small cavity is much easier to repair than massive decay. And gum disease results in bleeding gum tissue, chronic bad breath, and the potential for losing affected teeth. When your dental provider removes plaque on a consistent basis, the incidence of dental problems attributed to plaque build-up is significantly reduced.
  2. Dental x-rays are taken to help your dentist diagnose oral problems like decay or a hairline crack in a tooth. Spotting decay early means a much smaller dental filling; if not caught early, this little cavity can escalate. A crack in your tooth can lead to infection … this can result in the need for root canal therapy. This procedure can be very costly, but may be your only option to save your tooth.  

    You’re thinking that each dental visit is not free so how is going to the dentist twice per year saving you money?

  3. At your dental exam, your dentist will be able to spot other problems such as suspicious areas that could lead to oral cancer; oral cancer can have devastating results, but if caught early, successful treatment is available.
  4. A dental malocclusion can usually be treated with a simple dental adjustment; this can prevent teeth grinding and clenching which can escalate to problems like TMJ; headaches, earaches and problems relating to the bite can be treated proactively with consistent dental visits.
  5. Everyone wants straight, white teeth. The likelihood of obtaining a beautiful smile while neglecting regular dental visits is not good.

Saving money is a wonderful incentive to keeping those regular dental appointments. But healthy teeth and gums is a reward that tops the financial advantages.

Having teeth thoroughly cleaned, flossed and polished by your dental professional every six months coupled with a dental exam is the perfect accompaniment to your daily hygiene regimen of brushing and flossing.

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