Preventive Dentistry: Your first line of defense for a healthy smile

dentist in GreenpointA healthy smile involves more than just bright, white teeth. Your lips, gums, and even the health of your jawbone are the supporting cast that makes your smile a success. If you plan to get the most out of your smile, you’ve got to have a plan that involves all of the main characters, not just the teeth.

Your plan should include an appropriate oral hygiene routine at home and regularly scheduled visits with your dentist. These routine dental visits should be your first line of defense for a lifetime of healthy smiles. In addition to having your teeth cleaned and polished, you’ll have access to a wide range of preventive services that can protect your smile as well as the general state of your health. The preventive services that are right for you will be determined on an individual basis and can be altered as your dental needs change.

A clinical exam, periodontal exam, and X-rays will be used to gather information about your oral health. Cavities, gum disease, TMJ disorders, and other dental conditions can be diagnosed in the earliest stages and the necessary treatment can be provided as soon as possible. You’ll also receive valuable advice for preventing these conditions from occurring in the first place.

According to your needs, the appropriate cleaning procedure is helpful in preventing the development or the advancement of gum disease. In the dental office and at home, prescription strength fluoride treatments and medicated mouth rinses may be recommended for added protection.

When the anatomy of your molars includes deep groves and devices that could harbor bacteria, tooth-colored dental sealants can be applied to prevent cavities on the biting surfaces. This preventive procedure is only suitable for teeth that are free from existing cavities or fillings.

Oral hygiene instructions, nutritional counseling, and product recommendations can be included at each appointment to further personalize your care.

Regularly scheduled preventive dentistry can provide you with a level of protection that will significantly extend the life of your smile. Contact Eurodental Studio, serving Long Island City, to schedule your professional exam and cleaning today.

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