Negative Effects of Brushing Too Hard

dentist Ridgewood NYImproper brushing techniques create a number of dental problems treated regularly by dentists worldwide. One of the more damaging of improper brushing techniques is brushing too hard. This can be made worse if the toothbrush is designed with a medium or hard bristle head. Most dentists recommend patients select only soft or extra soft toothbrushes, which can help reduce the negative effects of aggressive brushing techniques.

One of the most prominent symptoms of brushing teeth too hard is receding gingiva or gums. The gums start to pull back away from teeth as a direct result of hard or aggressive brushing technique, and this leaves an exposed area along the gumline that can be extremely sensitive. The sensitivity can be to hot and cold temperatures as well as to contact, making it uncomfortable to brush, floss, and increasing discomfort during regular dental examinations and professional cleaning appointments.

Excessive hard brushing can wear down teeth, weakening tooth enamel and leaving teeth more sensitive and more susceptible to developing dental caries or cavities. This can be made worse if hard brushing is done immediately after consuming highly acidic foods or beverages because acids weaken tooth enamel. As enamel wears down, the tooth starts to become translucent and the middle portion of the tooth becomes somewhat visible, creating a discolored appearance that may be permanent.

Aggressive brushing can be improved with retraining to develop and improve brushing techniques. Damage to tooth enamel can be improved with special enamel-building toothpastes or, in severe cases, with dental veneers or crowns. If the damage to gum tissue is excessive, a tissue graft can greatly improve conditions as well. Visiting the dentist is the first step to improving conditions.

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