Harmful Effects of Soda on Teeth

family dentist GreenpointSince soda is readily available and one of the most popular beverages to drink in the United States, many people are unaware that frequently consuming this type of beverage can have negative effects on your health—especially your oral health. Soda contains two ingredients that are proven to weaken tooth enamel and feed harmful oral bacteria, which ultimately lead to dental caries (tooth decay). To help our patients enjoy a lifetime of optimal oral health, our family dentist encourages patients to eliminate soda from their diets or at the very least keep soda consumption to a minimum.

Acid and Sugar: An Unhealthy Combination

Sodas contain both acid and sugar. Acids affect the PH level of the mouth and when teeth are exposed to acid, tooth enamel—the protective mineralized layer around teeth—will weaken. As acids strip away essential minerals from teeth, the structure underneath enamel (dentin) is susceptible to oral bacteria that cause cavities. The other harmful ingredient in soda that affects oral health is sugar. Oral bacteria feed off sugar molecules because it is their natural source of food. As bacteria feed on sugar, they will colonize and then release acid as a byproduct. This reaction to sugar also weakens teeth.

When oral bacteria thrive and teeth are weakened by acid, it is the perfect environment for tooth decay to occur. Patients who consume soda regularly put themselves at risk for developing dental caries. Our team recommends that patients limit soda consumption or avoid soda entirely to protect their teeth from decay.

Tooth Decay Requires Professional Treatment

Since teeth, once damaged by disease, cannot repair on their own, restorative dentistry is necessary to stop the advancement of decay and preserve the health of a tooth. Restorations like crowns or fillings restore the structure and function of diseased and damaged teeth.

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