Foods to Choose for Healthy Teeth

family dentist Williamsburg NYBrushing twice each day, flossing daily, and visiting the family dentist every six months … we are told if we follow this regimen we will have healthy teeth and gums. However, there is another component that should be added to help ensure we keep our teeth healthy for life … a nutritious diet.

Before the invention of floss and the multitude of pastes, gels, and rinses evolved into the array available today, people pretty much relied on what they ate to promote healthy teeth. Fresh fruits and vegetables topped the list of these healthy, natural foods.

The benefit was twofold … the foods themselves were loaded with vitamins and nutrients. But in addition to the healthy content, the crunch and chewing action helped to control tartar build-up and keep gum tissue stimulated.

The biggest adversary to healthy teeth today is sugar consumption. And sugar is not just in sweets like candy, cake, ice cream, and cookies. Sugar is prevalent is many mainstays like breakfast cereals, yogurt, canned fruits, sauces … sugar is a primary ingredient in most processed foods. So if it is canned, jarred, or packaged, it likely contains sugar. 

The biggest adversary to healthy teeth today is sugar consumption. 

The healthiest foods are fresh and natural including fresh fruits like apples, pears, bananas … most fruits are amazingly healthy (and sweet). A few considerations are fruits that can stain teeth like berries, or acidic fruits like lemons, oranges, and grape fruit … excessive consumption of these types of citrus fruits can damage dental enamel.

Fresh veggies make an outstanding choice for any meal or snack. Vegetables can be transformed into great salads (just don’t load up on sweet dressings); cooked into main or side dishes; or munched any time of day. Precleaning and placing into easy to grab servings will make snacking for all family members a better choice than chips or sweets.

Other foods that are not injurious to teeth include nuts, cheese, milk, eggs, and whole grains. Properly prepared foods like chicken or many types of fish top the list of the healthiest proteins to serve as main dishes.

Our ancestors did not always have access to a family dentist, so they relied heavily on their diet to keep their teeth healthy. A nutritious diet coupled with the appropriate daily hygiene regimen and twice yearly dental visits will help promote healthy teeth and gums for life.

For more tips on keeping your teeth and gums healthy, call our experienced dental team today.

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