What should you look for in a family dentist?

shutterstock_55608934Finding a new family dentist can feel like a daunting task. Good oral health is essential to your overall well-being, so it’s important to have a good relationship with the dental professionals tasked with maintaining that oral health.

Often, a prospective patient’s primary concern in selecting a family dentist is the professional experience, expertise and qualifications of the dentist as well as supporting staff. Indeed, you should ask about the team’s training and how many years that they have provided patient care.

A dentist’s formal training does not end after dental school graduation, either. Dentists must take continuing education to maintain their professional licenses, and this gives them ample opportunity to keep up on the latest developments in diagnosing and treating oral diseases. When talking to a candidate for your next family dentist, explore this area, too.

For some patients, involvement in professional organizations like local dental associations, specialty group or even national or international organizations will be an important indicator of professional stature.

Your dentist’s chair side manner is an important component of your relationship. After all, who wants to see a dentist every six months if they don’t really like that dentist? All of your family members should feel comfortable with the dentist’s personality and approach to dental care. If you have young children, you may also want to pick a dentist who has some knowledge of the unique needs of pediatric patients.

The dentist also should be able to discuss your oral health conditions and treatment options in terms that you can readily understand. Try to get a sense of the dentist’s approach to educating patients as well.

Convenience is also an important factor in choosing a dentist. You want to select a dental practice that is reasonably close to your home or work so that it will be easy for you to get there for routine appointments as well as emergencies.

Choosing a dental practice for your family is an important task, and you should do your research in advance. Most dentists will be willing to schedule an initial consultation and give you a tour of the office before providing treatment. Take advantage of this opportunity.

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