What can I expect to happen to my teeth and gums as I get older?

dentist BrooklynAs we age, we are not doomed to lose our teeth. We may not be able to control hair loss, certain illnesses, or some physical changes throughout the years; however, growing older does not mean we have to suffer with dental problems. Your dentist can be your biggest ally as you age to help to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Tooth loss can occur for many reasons … trauma, dental disease like periodontitis, or excessive decay. But your dentist can help control two out of three of these situations (trauma due to an accident may not be preventable, but if teeth are lost there are wonderful solutions to resolve tooth loss).

Gum disease – Although individuals suffering from diseases of the heart or immune system can impact the older community, prevention is the key to keeping teeth healthy while controlling illnesses. Brushing at least twice per day with a fluoridated tooth paste or gel; flossing daily; seeing your dentist twice per year for a complete cleaning and exam; and following the instructions given for oral care will contribute to healthy teeth and gums as we age.

Decay – Older adults today did not have access to the wonderful preventative tools available today such as fluoride application and dental sealants. Cavities that have occurred throughout life most likely were treated with amalgam (silver fillings). Many fillings may start to fail following a lifetime of chewing, grinding, and clenching. These fillings can safely be replaced with composite resin (tooth colored filling material), and for teeth not suffering with extensive decay, this is a wonderful option to save your tooth.

Tooth loss – There are a multitude of options from partials and bridges to dental implants. Treatment is most often determined by need, age, and budgetary constraints.

Cosmetic Enhancement – We all want to look good, and our teeth say a lot about us. They can keep us looking younger or they can add years … and we can consult with our dentist for the best option. Teeth whitening or dental veneers can brighten the smile, correct premature gum retention, close unwanted gaps, make misshapen or chipped teeth appear straight and whole … cosmetic dentistry has many tools available for people of all ages.

You can keep our teeth healthy and looking great for life by keeping scheduled appointments with our skilled team at Euro Dental Studio.

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