When Can I Expect My Child to Get Permanent Teeth?

Williamsburg NY dentistLosing teeth during childhood is a rite of passage for many youngsters. The anticipation of receiving a few dollars from the tooth fairy paired with developing permanent teeth is an exciting time for our younger patients and their parents. This period is often referred to as tooth transition. Permanent, adult teeth will ultimately take the place of baby teeth. Also called deciduous teeth, baby teeth begin to loosen around the age of six years old. Our dentist provides an overview of the eruption of permanent teeth.

The Tooth Transition Process

Baby teeth loosen during this time because the body has begun the resportion of baby teeth’s roots. Deciduous must loosen or be removed, if necessary, so that there is room in the mouth for permanent teeth to emerge. Baby teeth will not come out all at once; instead, they will loosen over time. The same is true for permanent teeth; these teeth will come in over the course of a few years, normally between the ages of six and fourteen. Incisors and canines will be lost and replaced first, typically between six and twelve years old. Molars and premolars, however, will develop a little later. By the age of fourteen, children should have developed their second molars (the last of the necessary teeth). Wisdom teeth, unnecessary third molars, erupt the gums much later in life. These teeth may not come in well into adulthood and often require extraction.

Dental Services During Tooth Transition

Your child may require dental work during this transition period. Sometimes baby teeth are slow to fully loosen and require extraction so that permanent teeth can erupt the gums properly. Many younger patients also benefit from receiving orthodontic treatment during this process so that space can be created for adult-sized teeth while the jawbones are still developing. When the mouth is crowded, orthodontics can help guide teeth to a healthy, straight position.

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