Enjoy Safety and Convenience with Digital X-rays

Over the last three decades, the face of dentistry has changed tremendously. Virtually every procedure has been improved for the safety, comfort, and convenience of the dental patient. With the new advancements in dental technology, your dentist can complete your treatment with greater efficiency and precision than ever before.

Digital X-rays are an excellent example of these improvements. In the past, dental X-rays were acquired with film that had to be exposed to a certain level of radiation and then processed in a darkroom with an assortment of caustic chemicals. These chemicals required specific disposal methods in order to protect the environment as well as the dental team.

Although this was the best technology available at the time, the diagnostic quality of the images could be unpredictable. Also, if the X-rays needed to be shared with another dentist, the duplicating process further reduced the quality of the images. Both patients as well as dental technicians found the process uncomfortable and time-consuming.

Today, the entire process has been streamlined and digitized with great success. An X-ray can be taken, saved as a digital file, and even emailed to another dental professional or an insurance company in just minutes. The amount of radiation required to produce a digital image has decreased significantly. The impact on the environment has also decreased since there is no longer a need for chemical processing and unnecessary packaging materials. These changes have improved safety standards for the patients and the dental team.

Dental patients are often pleasantly surprised at the ease and comfort of digital X-rays. Still, there are greater advantages. The diagnostic quality of the images has improved tremendously. Patients are often able to view their own X-rays right in the dental chair to better understand their dental conditions and treatments.

For more information about how the safety and convenience of digital X-rays can enhance your dental experience, contact our experienced and dedicated team at Eurodental, serving Williamsburg and neighboring areas, to schedule your appointment today.

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