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Electronic Toothbrush: A Great Weapon Against Plaque Formation

dentist Ridgewood NYThere are multiple advantages to using an electronic toothbrush versus a standard manual brush. Patients that have or are experiencing periodontal problems often receive a recommendation from their dentist to make the change to realize the maximum benefits they can receive with their own daily oral hygiene care.

Everyone has bacteria in their mouth. Bacteria from the foods and beverages we consume builds on teeth leading to the formation of plaque often starting at the gum line. Plaque starts out as a sticky substance but hardens over time. Daily brushing and flossing are intended to reduce plaque build-up.

However, even the most diligent patient will not be able to prevent some plaque from forming on teeth; but patients that consistently brush with an electronic toothbrush are less likely to experience as much build-up as those brushing with a manual toothbrush for a couple of reasons.

Electronic toothbrushes usually contain a soft bristle brush. Patients that use a hard bristle brush with a firm hand in an effort to control plaque are actually doing more damage than helping. Gum recession and worn dental enamel from a hard bristle tooth brush contribute to decay and disease. An electronic brush provides even pressure … the patient only needs to guide the brush to experience a thorough cleaning.

Many patients using a manual toothbrush believe they brush the recommended two minutes every time they brush; but unless a timer is set, most would be surprised to see they are falling short of that two minute goal more often than not. Most electronic brushes have a built-in timer giving off some type of signal at the two minute mark.

Patients wearing braces benefit from brushing with an electronic tooth brush. The vibration and rapid action can do more to remove food debris than what can be accomplished from manually brushing.

The variety of styles and price ranges make electronic tooth brushes convenient and affordable for every family member. If there are questions about which style is best for you, your dentist will provide the guidance you need.

Brushing and flossing daily coupled with twice yearly dental visits will provide the best opportunity for optimum dental health. Using an electronic toothbrush will magnify the positive results achieved versus what you can expect when using a manual tooth brush.

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Healthy Dental Habits to Follow

dentist Ridgewood NYTo keep your smile in the best condition possible, it’s important to establish solid dental habits that promote your oral health. Here are a few of the most beneficial things you can do to protect your smile.

Keep regularly scheduled appointments for professional cleanings and check-ups: When you see our dentists every six months, you can have any oral diseases diagnosed and treated in their earliest stages before they’ve had an opportunity to do major damage to your smile. Furthermore, a hygienist can use professional tools to clean your smile more thoroughly than you can on your own. These cleanings help to reduce bacteria build-up.

Brush twice a day for around two minutes each time: Many patients make the mistake of thinking it’s enough to brush only in the mornings, or they don’t pay attention to the duration of their brushing session. In order to get the maximum benefit out of brushing, be sure that you’re following the brushing frequency recommended by our dentists.

Floss daily, using proper technique: Flossing is valuable because it cleans the areas that your toothbrush won’t reach, like the surfaces between your teeth.

Eat a healthy diet and limit sweet treats: Many patients are familiar with the oral health benefits of restricting your consumption of sugary snacks—especially those that are sticky and cling to the teeth—but you should also be sure to get a variety of nutrients from your diet. Those nutrients are just as important to a healthy smile as they are to a healthy body.

Don’t chew on non-food objects: Your tooth enamel is the strongest material in your body, but it’s not indestructible and it wasn’t designed to chew on hard objects, like fingernails, ice cubes or pencils. If you’ve developed one of these bad habits, work on breaking it ASAP.

Wear a mouthguard when you play sports: Mouthguards can minimize damage to the smile during contact sports. A mouthguard that is custom-designed by a dentist tends to fit better and offer more protection than the boil-and-bite models that can be purchased in stores.

This is far from a comprehensive list of good oral health habits. We encourage you to check in with one of the knowledgeable professionals at our practice to see if you are doing everything possible to maintain a beautiful smile. Call us at Eurodental Studio to make your next appointment!

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Keeping Your Toothbrush (and Mouth) Free of Harmful Bacteria

dentist Ridgewood NYEveryone uses a toothbrush to clean teeth and mouths, but very few stop to consider the state of the toothbrush after use. The mouth contains hundreds of different germs and microorganisms, all of which can transfer to a toothbrush.

If not properly cared for, these germs can grow on the toothbrush between uses then transfer back to the mouth and contribute to a number of oral hygiene issues. In addition to routine dental care, such as twice-yearly visits to a dentist, at-home habits, to include caring for a toothbrush, can greatly influence overall oral health.

Some dentists recommend rinsing the mouth prior to brushing, to help reduce the number of germs immediately present. This can be done with an oral rinse, which can be used before and after brushing. Flossing the teeth should also be done prior to brushing, to help remove any food particles, plaque, and bacteria or germs trapped between teeth and near the gums. Most patients do not don examination gloves before flossing, so it is highly recommended that the hands and nails be thoroughly cleaned before flossing to reduce the spread of even more germs and bacteria.

A toothbrush wears out over time, especially when used properly. Patients should replace their toothbrushes at least three or four times a year. Aggressive brushers often have to replace their toothbrushes more frequently. Most professionals recommend using a soft-bristle toothbrush to reduce damage to the gums from brushing too aggressively. Before brushing, rinse the toothbrush thoroughly under running water, warm water when possible, and then repeat the rinsing process after brushing to rinse away as many germs as possible.

Always store the toothbrush standing up, in a cup or toothbrush stand. If you must lie the toothbrush down, try to leave the head extending off a countertop or edge so it can dry. Germs can transfer between people as well. Sharing a toothbrush can lead to the unnecessary spreading of a number of germs. It’s best to avoid sharing toothbrushes and other oral care tools.

To learn more about caring for mouths, teeth, gums, and toothbrushes, contact our experienced dentistry team today!

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Negative Effects of Brushing Too Hard

dentist Ridgewood NYImproper brushing techniques create a number of dental problems treated regularly by dentists worldwide. One of the more damaging of improper brushing techniques is brushing too hard. This can be made worse if the toothbrush is designed with a medium or hard bristle head. Most dentists recommend patients select only soft or extra soft toothbrushes, which can help reduce the negative effects of aggressive brushing techniques.

One of the most prominent symptoms of brushing teeth too hard is receding gingiva or gums. The gums start to pull back away from teeth as a direct result of hard or aggressive brushing technique, and this leaves an exposed area along the gumline that can be extremely sensitive. The sensitivity can be to hot and cold temperatures as well as to contact, making it uncomfortable to brush, floss, and increasing discomfort during regular dental examinations and professional cleaning appointments.

Excessive hard brushing can wear down teeth, weakening tooth enamel and leaving teeth more sensitive and more susceptible to developing dental caries or cavities. This can be made worse if hard brushing is done immediately after consuming highly acidic foods or beverages because acids weaken tooth enamel. As enamel wears down, the tooth starts to become translucent and the middle portion of the tooth becomes somewhat visible, creating a discolored appearance that may be permanent.

Aggressive brushing can be improved with retraining to develop and improve brushing techniques. Damage to tooth enamel can be improved with special enamel-building toothpastes or, in severe cases, with dental veneers or crowns. If the damage to gum tissue is excessive, a tissue graft can greatly improve conditions as well. Visiting the dentist is the first step to improving conditions.

To learn more about proper brushing techniques and improving overall dental health, contact Euro Dental Studio today.

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Do Cracks in Tooth Enamel Mean the Tooth is Broken?

dentist Ridgewood NYNot every visible crack in a tooth is actually a cracked tooth. Teeth form with an outer protective later known as enamel, composed of enamel rods forming a rigid crystalline structure. Enamel, itself, can have visible lines throughout, known as enamel lamellae. The enamel lamellae are naturally occurring lines within the enamel that typically extend to or from the surface of the tooth enamel, to or from the junction where the enamel meets the dentin within the tooth. These lines are not necessarily cracks, however, and hardly visible without the aid of special instruments.

Occasionally, patients will ask the dentist about visible lines that appear to be cracks in a tooth. The lines often extend vertically through the tooth, and may appear on one or both sides. If no other damage is caused and the patient does not feel as if the tooth was damaged by some specific behavior, these lines are often craze lines. Craze lines occur in enamel only and generally occur as a result of changes in temperature to the inner parts of the tooth. Excessive pressure on teeth can also cause the enamel to crack or split in a similar way.

Consuming very hot or cold foods and beverages, possible followed by the opposite extreme temperature, can cause dramatic and sudden shifts in the temperatures of teeth. This sudden change can cause the inner part of teeth to expand and contract suddenly, which creates pressure on the tooth enamel and causes the craze lines or enamel cracks. These are similar to the cracks seen in lacquer topcoat on furniture or lacquered dishes over time. Like cracks in lacquer finish, the craze lines are generally not a sign of damage to the tooth.

A dentist can assess visible cracks in teeth and determine if they are craze lines or in needs of further care. Significant pressure on teeth can also cause damage to enamel. Using teeth to open bottles, crunching on ice or non-food items, and holding items with teeth can increase pressure and cause cracks in enamel as well as further damage depending on the circumstances. If the enamel is chipped or the tooth is broken throughout, a filling or restoration may be necessary to protect the tooth.

For more information on protecting and caring for teeth, contact our skilled dentistry team at Euro Dental Studio today!

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