Common Misconceptions About Dental Health

family dentist GreenpointSome of the greatest challenges for a family dentist are not poor oral hygiene habits, but rather misconceptions about dental health. Clearing up these misconceptions for patients can enhance communication with the dentist and help improve personal oral hygiene efforts for a better smile and healthier teeth and mouth. When oral hygiene is well maintained, dental visits are significantly easier and dental care is considerably more manageable.

Babies don’t need to visit the dentist if they have no teeth. A common misconception regarding dentistry is that it only involves teeth. Healthy gingiva or gums are essential to maintaining healthy teeth, even when those teeth haven’t yet grown in. A family dentist can help parents start instilling good oral hygiene habits in children before their baby teeth emerge, and careful monitoring as baby teeth grow can help determine if future treatment is needed to prevent problems in many cases.

Children get more cavities than adults. Often patients assume that children have poorer brushing habits and are therefore prone to cavities, while simultaneously assuming adults are better at brushing and therefore not prone to cavities. Wrong on both accounts. Cavities form when bacteria cause a loss or weakening in tooth enamel and eventually decay forms a hole in the tooth. This is more often seen in patients with poor brushing and flossing habits regardless of age, but regular checkups with a family dentist can reduce cavity occurrence and damage.

Gums always bleed at the dentist office or when flossing. Gums bleed when they become inflamed and this is a sign of gum disease. Many patients avoid flossing regularly because of bleeding gums, but in actuality, if engaging in regular brushing and flossing, gums will be much healthier and should rarely bleed, even when examined in the dental office. Occasionally, gum inflammation can occur despite best oral hygiene habits. In such instances, rinsing with warm salt water and continuing to brush and floss should see improvement quickly.

Oral health is only about teeth and mouths. Modern dentistry and medicine agree that oral health is essential to overall health. Gum disease and tooth decay can lead to bacteria entering the bloodstream, which then reaches the heart and can affect overall health and well-being. In essence, the body cannot be fully healthy if oral health is not maintained.

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