Why do I Keep Getting Canker Sores?

You bite into a sandwich, only to feel a sting on your tongue. You wince in pain and go to the mirror to investigate. As you had expected, a canker sore has made your tongue its temporary home—again. You can’t seem to get rid of these randomly appearing visitors. You ask yourself why you keep getting canker sores: Your dentist will tell you that the answer likely is in the foods you eat and in the stress you bring home from work.

Although the cause of canker sores is unknown, several factors are associated with these uncomfortable ulcers. For instance, eating citrus or acidic foods can trigger these sores or exacerbate them. You may even be susceptible to getting canker sores if you wear braces or dentures that don’t fit well, as these objects can irritate the soft tissues in your mouth. Nutritional problems, menstruation in women, stress and a weak immune system are also linked to these ulcers.

Discomfort from a canker sore typically lingers for about a week. The sores, which are white or gray in color with a red border, often go away by themselves. However, over-the-counter ointments can be applied to a sore to alleviate discomfort. You additionally can keep the sore clean by using mouthwash. Your dentist may prescribe an antimicrobial rinse or a special ointment if your canker sore lasts longer than three weeks.

Avoiding spicy foods or foods that contain large amounts of acid, such as oranges or tomatoes, can help to prevent these often annoying ulcers. Brushing your teeth and using dental floss each day also creates a clean mouth and thus can help keep canker sores at bay.

Although canker sores are most common in young people between the ages of 10 and 20, they can plague people at any age. Get in touch with our team at Eurodental Studio to find out how we can prevent or treat your canker sores more effectively.

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