Aesthetic Dental Transformations

A consultation with your cosmetic dentist can show you how you can improve your appearance while staying within your budget and your timeline. There are many different procedures available that can improve your smile, and very likely your oral health as well.

For teeth that have become dull and drab, teeth whitening is an option. For the patient that desires the optimum results, in office teeth whitening is recommended. The patient will have their teeth cleaned to remove topical stains and plaque build-up. Working with a clean slate, the dental provider will protect all soft tissues and deliver a professional whitening procedure. In one brief appointment, the patient will be able to lighten teeth up to eight shades going from dull to “wow”.

Teeth suffering from more intrinsic stains due to some medications or too much fluoride can be left with spots or streaky stains that whitening may not correct. For smaller stains, bonding may be the best solution. The cosmetic dentist will use a material that matches the exact shade of the teeth being treated. Utilizing the skills of an artist, the stains will be covered and blended with the teeth making the bonding, as well as the stains, virtually invisible.

When dental bonding is not sufficient, the patient has more options. For teeth that are chipped, misshapen, worn down, or have small gaps, the ideal treatment may be dental veneers.

There are options when it comes to veneers, however, many patients opt for veneers made from porcelain, which provides a stain resistant covering for dental imperfections.

Standard porcelain veneers will require the removal of a thin layer of the dental enamel before applying. These veneers become permanent. Lumineers is a method of placing veneers that is reversible as less enamel is removed before placing.

Missing teeth can be problematic for more than aesthetics. Eating and speaking may be affected with the loss of one or more teeth. Dental implants offer a permanent tooth replacement solution that provides the closest resemblance in both appearance and function to your natural teeth.

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